MENU Friends of St Clement's Outwell


The oldest part of the present building dates from the thirteenth century but most of the church was built at various times between about 1350 and 1500.

Inside and out the carving in stone and wood is exceptional; extraordinary gargoyles outside, and, in the nave, flights of angels alternating with unique pairings of apostles with figures either demonic or human, the latter representing different contemporary characters or walks of life. In the south aisle there are more angels, including some with musical instruments.

Three windows at the east end of the church have medieval painted glass, much of which is unusual. The earliest, from about 1420–1440, is in the tracery of the east window of the Chancel. The most interesting glass, however, dates from the sixteenth century and is in the Fincham Chapel and in the east window of the south aisle in the Lady (or Beaupré) Chapel.