MENU Friends of St Clement's Outwell

The Friends of St Clement's Church, Outwell, are a group of committed supporters, dedicated to raising funds to assist the parishioners to maintain and enhance this important church, restore and preserve its mediaeval carvings, painted glass and other historic artefacts, and provide information about this remarkable heritage for visitors. 

The primary focus of the Friends was the twelve pairs of finely carved wooden sculptures portraying the Apostles and 'demons' on the buttresses of the roof. These are unique but badly damaged by death-watch beetle and need to be conserved and restored urgently. Survey work on these figures revealed other damage to the church's splendid nave ceiling. Grants and fundraising initiatives have enabled some substantial roof repairs to be undertaken. Other major work including repairs, conservation and restoration of the internal roof structure and the carvings are still outstanding. Raising funds for this work will be the Friends' priority for 2020.

Friends of St Clement's Church, Outwell is a registered charity no. 1153335